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Imagine a future where every step taken at your brand's event not only draws your audience into an immersive experience but also contributes to a greener planet.

With our award-winning kinetic technology, your brand can lead the way in sustainability, transforming foot traffic into renewable energy and powerful engagement. This isn't just an event; it's a statement—a step towards enhancing your brand's reputation and driving loyalty that resonates long after.

Our pioneering kinetic technology doesn't just generate renewable energy; it sparks conversations around sustainability, capturing the imagination of your customers.

What is a Kinetic Brand Experience?

An innovative technology that sits underfoot, capturing the energy from footsteps to power meaningful engagement at live events.

Tailored specifically for each client, our custom activations not only engage audiences but also embody your commitment to sustainability.

What we do:

  • Facilitate clean energy generation from footsteps with our kinetic technology.
  • Power engagement at events through gamified, interactive, and bespoke experiences.
  • Promote global brands as leaders in ESG and position them as sustainability leaders.

See some of our case studies to discover the exciting work we have achieved in the past

How we do it:

  • Our innovative technology, designed in-house by our world-renowned production team, captures clean energy from the kinetic movement of a footstep.
  • The physical interaction on a Pavegen creates an immediate touchpoint with users, immersing them in the experience from their first step.
  • Pavegen is a physical social platform that supports, promotes, and realises a brand's ESG commitments.


Every step on our technology generates a powerful connection with audiences using bespoke software design and gamified experiences.

Our Kinetic Brand Experiences draw huge interest at events and create a buzz in the media, and on social media; helping to expand a brand’s social reach and talkability!

As the leading provider of Kinetic Brand Experiences in the world, our expertise lies in helping you to produce engaging and unforgettable brand experiences.



In a groundbreaking collaboration with Google, we transformed the Berlin Festival of Lights into an interactive spectacle.

Our kinetic technology captured the energy of visitors' footsteps to power a synchronized lighting display and provided real-time energy data via an app.

This initiative not only lit up Berlin but also captured global attention, generating over 350,000 joules of energy and achieving an advertising value of £1 million.


Teaming up with Ford, we introduced a gamified Kinetic Brand Experience at RideLondon, showcasing Ford's innovative regenerative braking system.

Our activation engaged over 7,000 participants in just two days, setting the stage for future engagements under Ford’s 'Park the Car' initiative.

Minnisota Vikings

In partnership with the Minnesota Vikings, we created the NFL's first Kinetic Brand Experience, blending STEM education with sustainability and entertainment.

The initiative offered fans a fun, engaging way to learn about and contribute to sustainability efforts, as highlighted by Brett Taber, the Vikings’ VP of Social Impact.

Dubai Expo 2020

At Dubai Expo 2020, our installations entertained 15 million visitors, championing sustainable living through interactive and gamified experiences.

Our efforts made sustainability a tangible goal, with each step visitors took helping to fuel a journey towards a sustainable future on Mars and bringing ESG principles to life.


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